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Gad Tidhar

Desert Musician

Hi, my name is Gad Tidhar. I am an oud player and composer.For years I have been studying the Maqam musical traditions. From Persia to Egypt, trough the deserts of Iraq, The lush Turkish culture and more.Playing a piece, for me, is like telling the listened of a dream I had. Tacking him or her  with me to a inner journey. A journey full of stories without. I play out of my internal world. Experiences from traveling the desert and emotional life situations.      In my compositions I am not committed to the different musical traditions I have studied, but I cherish them and draw inspiration from them.

New Album!
The Observer

Take a deep breath and dive into a new melodic album by Gad Tidhar. 

Album cover 009.jpg

Kamancha  // Roy Smila
Percussions // Refael Ben-zichry
Oud // Gad Tidhar

The Faran Ensemble was formed in 2009 by three musicians sharing similar musical vibes and values, who decided to embark together on a spiritual quest. Their journey, expressed in music and sound, reflects the beauty of nature, travelling through different sceneries, from the clean and quiet desert to luscious green hills, passing through the hectic noise of the city.

Faran released tow studio albums 'Faran' 2013 and 'Fata morgana' 2016 that brought them millions of YouTube views and to perform throughout the world.


Sarod // Jordi Pratz

Tombak // Yoni Ben-Dor

Oud // Gad Tidhar

Tabla // Amit Mishrah

Durbar (دربار - darbār) is a persian term meaning the kings reunion place. A meeting point for the persian and the indian culture, in this case bringing together two of the most appreciated instruments in the ethno music as Oud and Sarod.

Considering the meaning of Durbar square, the idea of the band is to keep oud and sarod as the cornerstones of the project, and alternate the percussionist or other musicians to bring exclusivity to each concert. A chance to hear the magic connexion between two of the most valued instruments of the middle east and India.

גב מכתש עמרי רוביסה.jpg

Oud // Gad Tidhar

Riq // Tal Yam 

The tow instruments that echoes so naturally for centuries, set together and gain a new sound and new interpentetion by Tal Yam and Gad Tidhar.
All compositions are originals, tells a story without words. 

Picture by Omri Rubisa

Copy of DSC_2289_edited_edited.jpg

Piano // Sigi Yadgar
Chello // Jackie Fay 
Oud // Gad Tidhar

An unconventional blend of instruments from the East and West, Lucid is an ensemble dedicated to a constant sense of discovery. 
The instruments, and the musicians behind them, rely on different musical traditions, sometimes quite contradictory to one another. In the forefront remains the desire for a sense of clarity and mindfulness, without excess thoughts. The ensemble allows the music to serve as a vessel, and is committed to the search for the delicate and precise harmony that will support the melody.


What can I do for you

private concert

For special events in the desert

For special events in the desert.
Imagine arriving to your camp after walking through the desert all day and relaxing to a private concert in the open dry air. The music echoes the sights you have seen and felt throughout the journey.

Desert full experience

Desert soundscape

A full desert experience includes a campfire meal with a stargazing activity accompanied by a relaxing oud playing soundtrack from the mountains air.
More other activities like jeep tours and outdoor yoga are also available.

Skype lessons

Learning from distance

From the very basics of oud playing. Holding the mezrab, play without efforts, 
improvisation in the different Maqam paths and more.
Contact me and we will schedule a single or a series of lessons, adjusted to your skills and desire.

Moonlight workshops

Learning music in the inspiration field

For all the years that I play and learning music, the tension between the desire of learning music and travel in the desert has interrupt me.
A unique way to learn is a full night workshops. Like in the ancient music schools. Under the sky, throughout the night. Focusing in one or two maqams. The theory and practice melding into one experience of knowledge that echoes for a long time.



BaHarim //
an Oud Fantasy

June 2018

This is a pure oud album. It takes the listener into the instrument, through the strings, where he finds himself inside a great ship of the desert. You fly across canyons and over mountains. 
I decided to record the album because I listen to a lot of music, but only rarely find albums featuring oud without large ensembles, albums where the oud is dominant and prominent, and out of my love to the sounds of the instrument I have spent many years with.

Fata Morgana
// Faran ensemble

March 2016

Fata Morgana, FARAN's second studio album, was recorded live in February 2016 at Shoham Studios in the Galilee. All compositions on the album are original, inspired by nature and human emotions, and present our new discoveries in our ongoing journey.

Faran // Faran ensemble

May 2013

This is Faran Ensemble’s first studio album, simply titled Faran, recorded in 2012. The independently produced album comprises of seven original compositions, four of them featuring guest musicians. It was reviewed in the September 2014 issue of Songlines Magazine, published in the UK.



For booking, workshops, lessons or just sharing thoughts, please contact.

+972 50 677 0741

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